Our Gallery

Year 6's Romeo and Juliet, by Miss Percival

3C Photos, by Miss Cuthbert

1960s tie dye t shirts, by Miss White

Stonehenge, by Miss Dobie

Venn diagrams, by Miss Dobie

Bongo Tubes!, by Miss Dobie

Ronald Dahl is 100!, by Mrs Rudd

problem solving, by Mrs Rudd

Bikeability , by Mrs Rudd

Harvest, by Mrs Rudd

Freddie Fit, by Miss Thornber

Space Science Experiment, by Miss Thornber

Our Classroom, by Miss Thornber

St. Margaret Mary's Feast Day, by Miss Thornber

Harvest, by Miss Thornber

Freddie Fit, by Miss Dobie

Freddie Fit, by Miss Dobie


St Margaret Mary's R.C. Primary School

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