Miss Handrick/Miss King-Murphy's Class - 2H: Gallery

What makes a capital city? , by Miss O'Regan

Key Stage One Nativity , by Miss Handrick

Panto trip, by Miss O'Regan

Story Time with Year 1 & 2., by Miss Howells

Just Youth in Year 2 , by Miss Handrick

Subtraction in Year 2, by Miss Handrick

Playing instruments , by Miss Handrick

Roald Dahl Day , by Miss Handrick

Freddie Fit, by Miss Handrick

Following Instructions , by Miss Handrick

Welcome, by Miss Handrick

Making Easter Cakes, by Miss White

Fractions Museum, by Miss White

Easter Collective Worship, by Miss White

Exploring Symmetry, by Miss White

World Book Day 2017, by Miss White

Making Potions!, by Miss White

1960s tie dye t shirts, by Miss White


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