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St. Margaret Mary's School aims to promote world peace and harmony, particularly during the 100th year anniversary of the battle of the  Somme 1916, World War I (1914 - 1918).  "Lest we forget."

In the words of St. Margaret Mary:

"Keep your heart in peace and let nothing trouble you, not even your faults. You must humble yourself and amend them peacefully, without being discouraged or cast down, for God's dwelling is in peace."

During 2015 we won the Mayor's for Peace Art and Poetry competition and were fortunate enough to be presented with certificates and book prizes by the Mayor of Hiroshima and the Lord Mayor of Manchester at the University where Rutherford was the first to recognise the nuclear nature of the atom.  We also visited the Museum which is home to a Hiroshima Peace crane exhibition.

We have continued our peace mission during 2016, by taking part in the International children's Peace Quilt design Project for which we have been awarded a certificate you can see below:

We are delighted to announce our winning entries were by Matthew Smith and Amelia McCallum and their entries pictured here may also be seen on the Peace Quilt website.

Matthew wrote:

"We all wish for peace because we want our world to be happy."

"I think peace is all around the world and when people hold hands it shows the sign of peace."

"I think peace is important because if there was no peace all around the world would always be in war."

Amelia wrote:

"We all wish for peace because innocent people are dying every day."

"The news was on the telly and it featured different countriles at war.  We will all end up killing each other until there is no one else left in the world. The world will die out because of nuclear bombs and things."



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