Year 5P visit to Jodrell Bank

Lesson: Science

Class: Miss Percival's Class - 5P Year: 2017 - 2018

On Friday the 15th December, Y5P took a trip to Jodrell Bank discovery Centre. In the Autumn term we have been learning all about Space in our science topic. We went to visit Jodrell bank to help us understand more about the solar system, stars and much more! When we first arrived we got to see how big the Lovell Telescope really is and were lucky enough to witness it move too! When we arrived, we went to our first workshop which had lots of experiments for us to carry out. We had to try and find out which rock was a real meteorite, measure the strength of the sun, measure how craters are made and what effects the size of them and we looked at the different weights of each planet. After this fun workshop we explored the Discovery Centre and found out lots of amazing facts. For the last part of our day, we went into a planetarium and observed the night sky and what stars are above us. We looked at the different constellations and what planets we can see too. We loved our day out and discovered lots about space! 


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