Characteristics of Learning!

Lesson: Communication, Language and Listening

Class: Miss Howells' Class - Rec 2 Year: 2016 - 2017

In EYFS we follow the characteristics of learning to ensure that we meet the holistic needs of every child. We enable the environments to best meet the needs of all children ensuring they are both engaging and offer enough challenge. Alongside this we give each child a key worker. This adult will support this child's learning throughout their time in our EYFS unit. We make this as child friendly as possible to support the children's understanding by linking the characteristics to a dinosaur. 

For example a child would receive a Thinkosaurus Rex necklace if they had been working hard to solve a problem or thinking carefully about what they are doing. 

For more information ask any adult in our EYFS unit. 


St Margaret Mary's R.C. Primary School

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